There are only a few times in our lives where we have the opportunity to make such a lasting impact in our community. Now is the time to dream big, to come together, and to create a legacy that will endure for generations to come.

We say that Crosscut lies in the heart of the Bridger Mountains, but I believe it is in the heart of Bozeman. When this property went up for auction, our community rallied in an incredible way. Together we raised $8M to ensure that this land would belong to outdoor enthusiasts, not condo developers.

Now it is time for us to take the next step. Crosscut is working with a team of community partners and national experts to design our future lodge and facilities, and I invite you to explore these pages to learn more about our vision for the future. As a community non-profit, we are raising $20M to fund a new lodge, training facility, and trail system that will energize all of Bozeman.

I ask that you join me in dreaming big. Believe in the potential to create something special, and help define our future today.

Jennifer Beaston
Executive Director


Nestled in the heart of the Bridger Mountains, Crosscut Mountain Sports Center offers unparalleled access to the outdoors for human-powered recreationists. At 6,000’ above sea-level, this rich headwaters ecosystem is also graced with predictable natural snow, a phenomenon which, in the age of climate change, is growing all the more rare. Crosscut’s wild and scenic nature is complemented by its proximity to one of the West’s most popular towns.

Regularly ranked at the top of “best places to live” lists, Bozeman is a fast-growing and vibrant college town with a deep love of its natural surroundings. Only 17 miles from main street, and 45 minutes from a major regional airport, Crosscut feels rugged and remote while maintaining a full suite of amenities nearby.


Bozeman’s growing outdoor community has an unmet need for human-powered recreational facilities. Visit any trailhead in the Gallatin Valley on a Saturday morning and you will find parking lots overflowing with outdoor enthusiasts of all types, including  hikers, runners, bikers, or skiers. Public demand for places to play is already outpacing local and regional groups’ ability to build new amenities – a trend that will continue as more and more people move to Bozeman. In Montana, and especially in the Gallatin National Forest, it is very difficult for organized groups to gain the required permits to operate on public land. For after school programs, outdoor educators, and sports programs, this policy failure has left a gaping hole - they have nowhere to go.

Over the last three years, Crosscut has witnessed double digit growth in program participation, and our events calendar is fully packed. The ever increasing demand from various user groups wanting to use Crosscut’s facility makes the need for a purposefully built year-round recreation facility clearer than ever before.

Our Proud Partners
“Over the past two decades I’ve had the opportunity to experience some of the best recreation centers in the world; Crosscut Mountain Sports Center in Bridger Canyon rivals all of them. When you combine the nordic culture of Bozeman, the beauty and wildness of the Rocky Mountains, and a highly functional elite training site you get an internationally sought after venue."



The vision for Crosscut’s future will ensure that Bozeman’s outdoor community has a place to enjoy for generations to come. This audacious effort has already secured 533 acres of pristine terrain barely a stone’s throw from town, and we now have the chance to build something incredible.

A new facility will provide much needed space for our partners, and it will increase our ability to serve the public. Crosscut is raising $20M to fund this new venue, and Phase 1 of this campaign is underway. Raising $5M will allow us to break ground on a 30 point biathlon range, roller skiing, homologated loops, and carry out other site improvements that will pave the way for Phase 2 of the project. We encourage you to check out the plan page for more details about the new lodge, training facilities, and trail system.

Our Plan