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Bozeman is a mountain ski town, but also a way of life. And this lifestyle is no spectator sport; outdoor activities here are our year-round passion. The Crosscut Mountain Sports Center project is a once-in-our-generation opportunity to not only conserve an iconic property, but also our unique mountain culture. This effort has broad support from our community and outdoor recreation enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.

“I first learned to nordic ski at Crosscut Ranch in 1985, and have continued to enjoy skiing the beautiful trails Bohart over the years. As a parent, it has been a joy to see my son develop a love for nordic skiing and biathlon on these same ski trails. And as a physician, I believe having access to a world class nordic skiing and biathlon facility through the Crosscut Mountain Sports Center will be an invaluable asset to the health of the Bozeman community.”
Peder Anderson
Family Practitioner and Father of BBC Athlete
“Over the past two decades I’ve had the opportunity to experience some of the best recreation centers in the world; Crosscut Mountain Sports Center in Bridger Canyon rivals all of them. When you combine the nordic culture of Bozeman, the beauty and wildness of the Rocky Mountains, and a highly functional elite training site you get an internationally sought after venue."
Lowell Bailey
U.S. Biathlon Team And Three-Time Olympian
"The Bridger Biathlon Club has already set a new standard for youth programing, establishing itself as the largest youth biathlon program in the nation. The enthusiasm for the sport, the coaches, the leaders and the place is reflected in the broad smiles of achievement on every child’s face as they enjoy the challenge of biathlon, balancing the demands of endurance sport with the accuracy of marksmanship. When Crosscut Mountain Sports Center is completed it will be a cradle of Olympism encouraging life long fitness and teaching the power of striving for goals that may seem out of reach and living out the Olympic creed. The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle."
Max Cobb
US Biathlon Association President and CEO
“When I run training sessions with my sit skiers at Bohart, the community we encounter marvels at their great technique or incredible strength and fitness, rather than the fact that they are skiing without the use of their legs. We want to be a part of a community that recognizes the attributes of our athletes rather than seeing a 'disability.' This strong and supportive community, combined with CMSC plans for developing a world class training facility, made Bozeman a natural fit for our National Team’s home. When our athletes move to town this winter, we are excited to work toward our goal of winning medals at the Paralympic Games, while collaborating with CMSC on such an ambitious project with a truly world class vision for the community."
Eileen Carey
U.S. Paralympics Nordic Skiing Head Coach
"BBC is an amazing way to achieve physical health but also the happiness associated with belonging to a team. It is an activity that definitely deserves support. Doing BBC over the summer improved my mood and made me look forward to every day."
Annie Borgquist
BBC athlete, age 13
“My favorite moments as a coach happen when the athletes arrive for practice – when the tranquility of laying out mats, organizing rifles, and setting up the targets is broken by the slamming of car doors and the excited chatter of young voices. As a former competitor, it is extremely rewarding to share my experience in biathlon with these kids. I could not imagine a better community to have supporting a biathlon club, and I could not imagine a better location than Crosscut and Bohart. The Crosscut Mountain Sports Center will ensure a bright future for the spirit of biathlon in our beautiful backyard playground."
“As the High Performance Director of the U.S. Paralympics Nordic Skiing Team, I am thrilled to partner and collaborate with CMSC to develop a program and venue that can have a life-long impact on the residents of the Bozeman area. We are charged by the U.S. Olympic Committee with inspiring Americans by helping Paralympic athletes win medals at the Paralympic Games and we are excited to make Bozeman our home and to work with CMSC to achieve those goals."
John Farra
U.S. Paralympic Nordic Skiing High Performance Director
"Although I was not one of the first members of the club the team made me feel right at home instantly. I believe the being active is becoming an increasing necessity to kids across the nation. BBC provided an active lifestyle through and structured and fun environment that emphasizes a team mentality and having fun over winning and competition. BBC is a great program!"
Gus Chisholm
BBC Athlete, age 12
“The kids are absolutely outstanding. Any and all time spent interacting with these responsible young people in the Crosscut/Bohart mountain setting has been an enormous blessing. With the support of their families, these well-rounded athletes are growing into highly functioning people which, for us, makes for an outstanding experience... every time.”
Jim Sites
BBC Co-founder
"BBC is awesome, it's a great way to get outside and work hard and have some fun! Biathlon is the hardest sport I have ever done in my life - it's not only a challenge but also a learning experience that teaches you to take care of your body and reach for the sky to accomplish your goals and dreams."
Eric Borgquist
BBC athlete, age 14

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