As the season starts to turn and we gear up for this coming winter, we have some exciting developments in the Ski Education world!  As we are all aware, COVID-19 has generated lots of  uncertainty and change in the way schools are functioning this academic year.  This has impacted Ski Education’s ability to partner with local schools, as we normally do.  Though we are still planning on running our Adventures in Winter Ecology and Nordic Adventures program with a few small private or out of district schools, we have largely pivoted to a new, session-based program for K-8 students this upcoming season.

Though we will dearly miss our longtime school partners, we are so excited to start this new program.  Students will come one day per week for a month, for either a full or half day of skiing, science, and Indigenous Peoples education.  Each week they will build on their skiing skills, and learn from a thoughtful progression of science lessons through fun activities, experiments, and games.  Students will ski with the same instructor and group of peers each week, as a way of building community throughout the month long program.  As educators, we are looking forward to the opportunity to facilitate student growth over a longer period of time than a one day field trip.

We believe more firmly than ever in providing in person, place-based, outdoor education to local students.  With the increase in remote learning, students will need outlets for social interaction, outdoor time, and movement to enhance their learning, which we hope to provide through this program.

For COIVD-19 precautions, our programming will take place entirely outdoors.  We will remain socially distanced from each other, and require masks when social distancing is not possible.  We are more than happy to provide specific details or address concerns about this as they arise.

Please refer to the Ski Education program page for information on registration.  Scholarship opportunities will be available as needed.  We can’t wait to ski with students this winter!