Nordic Ski Season 2017-2018

Crosscut Mountain Sports Center (CMSC) is pleased to announce the opening of public cross-country skiing this winter!

photo credit: Erik Petersen

CMSC’s mission is to create an expanded, year-round outdoor recreation venue on the former Bohart and Crosscut ranches. We are diligently working to purchase and reconnect these two iconic properties as a single 533-acre property. Generous donors have provided nearly half of the $7 million needed for this ambitious project, and all charitable contributions are welcome.

In addition to a new PistenBully100 groomer and several snowmobile drag-groomers, we’ve assembled a top-notch crew that will be managing the trail network this season, offering nearly 50 kilometers of quality groomed skating and classic tracks for all ages and abilities. We have also partnered with Rossignol to provide all new rental equipment (skis, boots and poles) for CMSC’s Adventures in Winter Ecology learn-to-ski school program (rental skis and lessons for the general public will not be offered this season).

                                     Season Pass & Day Ticket Prices (buy before November 15 and SAVE!)

Season Pass holders will have extra privileges as follows:

  • We will open on December 1st, 2017.  If conditions allow, Season Pass holders only will have access to skiing in advance of the Dec. 1 opening date.
  • CMSC will be open to the public 7 days a week between 9am and 4pm. Season Pass holders may ski between the hours of 8am and 6pm during the regular season. (Please be advised that Season Pass holders who choose to ski before or after regular business hours will do so at their own risk and without emergency support from CMSC staff.)
  • We will close on April 1st, 2018.  If conditions allow, Season Pass holders only will have access to late season skiing as long as safe snow conditions last. (Please be advised that late season grooming will occur irregularly and/or as needed.)
  • Each season pass holder will receive one complimentary voucher along with their pass, good for one free Adult/Youth day ticket at Crosscut Mountain Sports Center. 

Always ski on posted trails and in indicated direction of travel, ski to the right when meeting on-coming skiers, ski in control, move to the side of the trail for rest stops, and please be courteous and respect all property.  Note: this season we are not yet able to offer opportunities for skiing with dogs or snow biking, but we hope to be able to incorporate these users next season.

Click Here to purchase a 2017/18 Season Pass! 

 Fat Biking at Crosscut

Crosscut is excited to welcome fat bikes as part of a special trial period for the remainder of the season. Fat bikes will be allowed on the Narrow Gauge trail network, and on the water tower hill road, Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays under the following terms of use: 

- Day Ticket or Season Pass is required.

- Fat bikes yield to all other traffic, on the trail and at intersections. Recognize that the Narrow Gauge trails are Multi-directional, and that you may encounter other trail users at any time. Always ride in control- Fat bikes should stay out of the classic tracks, and stay to the right for oncoming traffic. Please be courteous and respectful to all other trail users.

- Helmets should be worn on the trails at all times. 

- Fat bike riding is conditions dependent, we will post fat biking conditions on our grooming report. If you are sinking in more than 2", it is too soft for fat bike riding. Stay on your bike when possible as footprints damage the trails.- Fat bikes only, tires must be 3.7" or wider. 

- Please take extra care on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we have School Groups and Eagle Mount visiting Crosscut. Most interface will be in the base area, so please use caution going out to the Narrow Gauge trails and know that from 9:20 to 11am and again between 1:30 and 2:30pm there will be lots of kids in the base area, some of whom are skiing for the first time.

- Fat bikes are allowed on the Narrow Gauge trails only, as well as the water tower hill road. Swing by the Nordic Center for a map if you would like an orientation!

Dog Days

The 1800m (Green) Loop is open to Season Pass Holders and their dogs from 3-6pm on Mondays and Wednesdays as part of a special trial period. We have installed two dog waste stations, one just in front of the Nordic Center, and one at the Pumphouse, and we ask that you clean up after your dog in the parking lot and on the trails. Any off leash dogs must be under voice control, and no dog may behave aggressively towards other dogs or people. Dog Days are open to Season Pass holders only at this time. Continuation of Dog Days will depend on the success of this trial period, and we appreciate your cooperation.