Crosscut is happy to be here to offer a place to come commune in nature, be healthy while outdoors, and maintain the necessary physical distance to keep our community healthy during this time.

To do this, it is important we all do our part to reduce the spread and be diligent with social distancing in parking lots and along our ski trails.

Here are some important tips and reminders:
-Please do not carpool with people outside your household
-Keep groups small, and don’t have social gatherings in the parking lot (with dogs as well).
-Avoid crowded trailheads or consider recreating during off-peak hours -- early mornings.
-Be friendly, patient and courteous. We're all in this together!
-Step aside for other groups to pass.
-Make eye contact, smile, say hi and communicate, “go ahead”, "passing on your left side" and “thank you”.
-Dial back your expectations and objectives to minimize the risk of injury and overtaxing local EMS and SAR vservices. Stay on marked trails and within your own comfort zone.
- Accept that an hour or two of fresh air is sufficient therapy.
-Stay home as much as possible.
-Wash your hands -- remember to do again after touching door handles and gas pumps.