Editor's Note: Welcome back to the second edition of the Crosscut Elite Team Blog. This time around, we hear from Ruslan Reiter, an athlete on the US Paralympics Nordic Skiing Team, as he reflects on his time in Canmore. Ruslan spent several months this fall training with the Crosscut Elite Team, and we wish him good luck at the upcoming U.S. Cross Country Skiing Nationals in Houghton, Michigan.


By Ruslan Reiter

Canmore is probably, if not definitely, the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.  After spending ten days in Canmore training hard for Nordic and Biathlon, I feel even more confident for the competitive season ahead. 


It was a long 9.5 hour drive from Bozeman to Canmore and while listening to Nick’s music and Dolly Parton podcasts, it was not as agonizing as I expected.  


Skiing conditions could not have been any better the whole time I was there.  The last training day we all went up to Lake Louise for a ski and the scene was breathtaking.  With fresh powdery snow it made skiing somewhat difficult but I enjoyed myself.  Throughout the training camp, I got to meet a few new staff members and athletes.  At camps or at races when everyone is together, I get an understanding of all the hard work and energy spent to keep the Para Program going.  There's a lot going on and sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up because all the coaches and staff are doing their best to make me a better athlete, physically and mentally.  


Be happy, stay healthy and most importantly stay proficient.