As our season came to an earlier than expected close this year, it also came with a much-too-quick goodbye for one of Crosscut’s very first employees. Emily Attwood will be leaving her position as Ski Education Program Manager to pursue Physical Therapy School at University of Montana. Emily has been a champion of Ski Ed since she began working (for Bohart) six years ago. Her commitment to students and teachers alike, tenacity through organizational changes and hilarious curiosity for what you are eating at lunch are just a few of the reasons we will greatly miss Em. She became a close friend to many of us throughout her time at Crosscut, and especially to me. Emily and I have spent the past five winters together shuffling up to the Trail Shelter, often with our “never-ever” skiers. Some days, we only made it to the Pumphouse or Jane’s Gate! 

Emily has always been dedicated to making sure each and every student has the best possible experience. She reminds us that, at the end of the day, it’s not about how far you got, or what ecology you taught, it’s about giving students that glimpse of Nordic skiing--just enough for them to come back and try again. Perhaps, like Emily, it will be a way for them to join a Division 1 ski team when they are in college. Or perhaps, they will see that Nordic skiing is about winding your way through the woods with your friends, breathing fresh air and, just maybe, laughing till you fall over. That’s certainly what Em taught me. 

~Nicki Bailey

And a postscript from all of us at Crosscut : Thank you Emily, for sharing your talent, skill and smile with us.  Your contribution to the organization and team have been so positive.  We thank you for all you’ve brought to Crosscut and look forward to keeping in touch!