2020 has been a year filled with surprises and challenges that are testing our resilience. It is also becoming a year that is highlighting how incredible our community can be during a crisis. Friday, September 4th we all watched as a small plume of smoke quickly ignited into an inferno of fast-moving flames from behind the M up to the ridge.  Saturday the fire became a fast-moving wall of destruction as the afternoon winds quickly propelled it up the canyon, ultimately destroying 30 homes and many more structures in its wake.  Crosscut staff felt the potential of doom and acted with urgency, moving heavy equipment out of the mountains to the parking lots and quickly filled up vehicles with biathlon rifles, computers and Olympic memorabilia. 

The next day it became clear that Crosscut had survived the devastating day unscathed, but a brief sigh of relief was tempered by the pain we felt for our neighbors who were learning that they hadn’t fared so well.  Driving up the canyon the following week we were filled with heartache and surprise by the randomness of the destruction. One house completely untouched was followed by only the foundation of a house remaining next door.  Amidst the heartache was a sense of pride from the community coming together to raise money and support for the families and to support the brave firefighters. Crosscut is lucky that the fire never reached our boundary, and we are here to support our neighbors however we can. We are Bozeman Strong.  

If you are a Crosscut neighbor in Bridger Canyon and need help clearing a tree or rebuilding a fence or moving some heavy debris - we are here to help.  Or if you just need a break to recharge and connect with the beauty of nature - come up for a hike or mountain bike ride to be reminded of nature’s power to heal, not just destroy.