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Elite Team Introductions, Round Three

Snow has settled on the mountains and our Elite Team athletes cannot wait for more to come. As they put the finishing touches on their off-season training, these four athletes are next up for introductions.

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Employment Opportunity: Assistant Coach

Crosscut Mountain Sports Center is seeking an assistant coach.

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Elite Team Introductions, Round Two

Get to know the athletes on Crosscut's Elite Team through brief interviews, four athletes at a time. The team has been working hard in the off season to ski faster and shoot straighter, and they're excited to share a bit about themselves in this multi-part series.

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Elite Team Introductions, Round One

The athletes on Crosscut's Elite Team have been making great strides in the off season as they work diligently on their shooting technique and skiing stamina. Each athlete on our team has a unique story and contributes something meaningful to the team dynamic and our Crosscut community. Get to know them as we periodically publish their interviews throughout the next month.

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Soren Joseph Hartnett

With profound pain and difficulty we share the news of the passing of Soren Joseph Hartnett, age 16, on July 18. 

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